Fees and Insurance


To allow us to keep our fees competitive we ask that you settle your account at the time of treatment. For your convenience we accept payment by cash, cheque (with a valid bankers card), switch and most major credit cards.

Consultation                                                               £32.00
Puppy course                                                             £57.50
Dog annual booster                                                  £38.00
Kitten course (including flu & leukaemia              £66.00
Cat annual booster                                                   £40.00
Rabbit myxo                                                                £20.00
Rabbit VHD                                                                 £20.00
Microchip                                                                     £20.00
Dog spay                                                                     £170.00 - £330.00
Cat spay                                                                      £60.00
Dog castrate                                                               £119 - £228
Cat castrate                                                                £40.80
Rabbit spay                                                                £93.50
Rabbit castrate                                                          £74.50


The use of modern diagnostic equipment and sophisticated treatments can be expensive, so we advise that you insure your pet. This allows us to carry out the best possible treatment as the constraints of cost are removed. Insurance provides peace of mind should your pet become ill or involved in an accident. On average one in three pets will require veterinary treatment each year. Once over the age of ten, this rises to two in three.

Whichever policy you decide to take, read the small print carefully. Cheaper policies are often so for a reason. Many policies will have time limits on them i.e. they will only treat the pet for a condition for a period of one year from when it was first diagnosed. As many conditions require lifelong treatment, this type of policy will leave the owner with a huge financial burden once the year is up.

We understand that you want to do what is best for your pet when he/she becomes unwell or is injured, but wont necessarily have the funds to pay immediately.  For this reason we will consider claiming directly from your insurance company as long as we can confirm the details of your insurance and speak to your company.  It is always best to have these details at hand when you come in.  For non - urgent procedures, some companies provide a pre-authorisation service for complete peace of mind.

We do not charge for completing insurance forms and aim to get all forms completed within a two week time frame.