Our theatre leads directly off the prep area. Theatre dress is worn at all times including cleaning of the theatre.

All clean surgical procedures from orthopaedics down to routine spays and castrations are performed in the theatre.


At Ivy lodge Veterinary Clinic we offer a wide range of surgical procedures  We maintain very high standards of aseptic technique for all surgery - including so-called ‘routine’ procedures such as spays and castrations. For example, staff wear hats, masks, shoe covers and scrub suits to enter the theatre area.


We do not routinely prescribe antibiotics to surgical cases; instead we prevent infection by providing high standards of sterility during all procedures. This is especially important since misuse of antibiotics has led to the emergence of ‘super bugs’ such as MRSA.


We have access to a referral level orthopaedic surgeon, who comes to our practice to perform a number of more specialised operations, including complex fracture repairs and cruciate ligament surgeries.  We believe it is important to utilise the skills of referral level veterinary surgeons to get the best outcome for your pet, rather than offer "quick fix" options, for complex procedures and conditions.


We feel very strongly about analgesia or pain relief. All animals undergoing surgery or dentistry will receive painkillers before and after the procedure. This is not just an ‘optional extra’!