We have separate dog and cat wards, in order that our sick and recovering cats can have some peace! Our kennels are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean, and are of varying sizes.


We also have a large 'walk-in' kennel for our giant patients.

The kennels are all along one wall in the cat ward, so no cats face each other - but are on both sides in the dog ward. Feliway and D.A.P diffusers are used at all times in the wards to reduce stress levels.

The building is supplied with piped oxygen, which means it can be administered in the prep area, theatre, x-ray room and in our separate dog and cat wards.

All the kennels are lined first with newspaper then an appropriate bed is used.


We have several different beds including vet beds, pillows and hooded beds, which are particularly useful for very nervous cats that would rather hide away.


All in-patients are checked by the vet first thing in the morning and medications administered as required. Where possible we allow good cats to have a wander around the prep area for exercise, but of course this is dependent on the reason for their admission.

All of our patients are weighed daily to ensure their body weight is maintained. Their beds are changed daily or more frequently if required.

For animals requiring overnight treatment, care is provided by two of our qualified nurses, who may stay on the premises to care for an animal more intensively if required. For less critical patients, our nurses come in and check the patients as prescribed by the veterinary surgeon.

As well as having several diets such as Hills A/D and RCW convalescent support diets, we also have cooked chicken and fish as well as tinned tuna and pilchards for our inappetent patients.

We allow owners to visit their pets whilst they are in our care during visiting hours.