Combined Rabbit Vaccine Now Available!

Nobivac have now launched a combined VHD and Myxomytosis vaccine for rabbits, Nobivac RHD.  The vaccine cuts down vet vists by 1/3 and saves owners over £35 per year!.  It is safe for rabbits who have had the previous 3 vaccine system and for rabbits who have never had vaccinations.  


  • What are these diseases?

  • Myxomatosis is a viral disease that has been present in the wild rabbit population for many years.  Its is generally spread by biting insects (e.g. Fleas or midges) carrying the myxoma virus.  However direct rabbit to rabbit spread can occur. 
  • VHD or Viral Haemorragic Disease is a highly contagious and very serious disease which is often very sudden in onset and usually fatal.  It can be passed from any contaminated object, insect or human. 

Both viruses pose a threat to all rabbits, wild and domestic.  Domestic rabbits who live outside are more at risk than those who live indoors.  Indoor rabbits can and do catch these diseases.   

  • What are the symptoms?

  • Myxomatosis - The first symptom of myxo is usually discharge from the eyes.  It is often confused with conjunctivitis but will progress to more serious think yellow/cream discharge accompanied by swollen eyes and genitals and eventually nodular protrusions on the head. 
  • VHD - Many rabbits with VHD sadly die before exhibiting any symptoms.  The main symptoms are loss of appetite, lethargy, high fever and spasms which may or may not be accompanied by bleeding from the nose, mouth and rectum. 
  • Is there treatment available?

  • Rabbits with myxo can be treated but the success depends on how early the diagnosis is made.  Unfortunately in the experience of our vets treatment tends to be unsuccessful. 
  • The only treatment for VHD is symptomatic.  Ususally antibiotics are given to treat any secondary infection which may occur as a result of the virus. 
  • The best course of action to protect rabbits against these diseases is to vaccinate!