Our vets perform operations on all week days.  We require your pet to be admitted to us in the morning and they will stay with us throughout the day.  We have separate kennels and recovery areas for cats and dogs and your pet will be monitored through their operation and recovery by one of our experienced Veterinary Nurses. 

On the day before the operation your pet should be fed a normal meal around 5pm. Do not leave out any food overnight, and no food should be given on the morning of the operation. We do not advise restricting water intake in pets so leave their water out overnight but lift it first thing in the morning. We advise that cats be kept indoors overnight so they can't run away or scavenge food. Please ensure your pet is walked/ has gone to the toilet prior to his or her admission.

We ask that your pet to the surgery between 8.30am and 9am on the day of their operation. If this time is unsuitable we can admit your pet the evening before (by prior arrangement) at no extra charge.

Please ensure that dogs are brought in with suitable leads and cats with reliable pet carriers. Also be aware that if you are bringing in more than 1 animal on the day that they should not share the same carrier, as they can be disorientated after undergoing an anaesthetic or have the opportunity to interfere with each others wounds.

Please be contactable by phone on the morning of the operation. This is extremely important and we may have to postpone your pet’s procedure if we are not able to contact you. A mobile or work number is adequate if you will not be at home.

You may telephone the surgery between 1pm and 2pm to enquire about your pet’s condition. If necessary we will arrange a discharge appointment at this time. Pets can normally go home between 3pm and 5pm the same day unless other arrangements have been made. Occasionally if your pet has undergone a long or difficult procedure we will keep them in overnight. We advise a light diet for your pet post surgery such as scrambled egg, fish or chicken. Alternatively we can offer a specially formulated convalescent diet in tinned or dried form. Please ask on admittance if you would like your pet to go home with some of this.

All animals are given analgesia and anti-biotic by injection as part of their operation.  This is to minimise the risk of post operative infection or pain. 

We ask that all treatment is paid for on collection of your pet. Please ask if you would like an estimate of these costs. If your pet is insured please request a claim form from your insurance company and hand it in to us as soon as possible. This will ensure that we can claim your money back from the insurance company promptly.

If you have any concerns, please telephone the surgery and speak to one of our vets or nurses on 01592 753231or e-mail on Email.

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