Why Should I Neuter My Dog?

If your dog is not going to be used for breeding then it is recommended that he is neutered at approximately 6 months of age. 

Males - Castration

Male dogs usually go through puberty at around 6 months of age.  This is around the time they will start to cock their leg to urinate. 

The Procedure

Castration involves the removal of both testicles.  This is a routine procedure which involves your dog being in the surgery for the day and can be done anytime after your dog is 6 months old.  Your dog will be given a general anesthetic for the operation to be performed.  Following the operation your dog will be given antibiotics and painkiller by injection and your dog will usually have recovered from his anesthetic by about 3pm.  Most dogs are back to normal within 24 hours but they must be reasonably restricted until their sutures are removed 10 days later.  Occasionally the dog will develop an infection at his operation site.  This is rare but as with all wounds it can happen and is usually due to the dog licking at his sutures.  A 'buster' collar is supplied routinely when your dog goes home for use as necessary.  This operation cannot be reversed. 

Reasons to get it done

There are many health advantages to getting your dog neutered.  Many male dogs will become very unsettled and can even go off their food if there is a bitch in season in their area.  This can also cause them to stray when off lead or even try to escape when they are out in the garden.  If your dog does escape he is at risk of becoming injured or being picked up as stray.  Castration also reduces the probability of our dog developing prostate problems later in life.  Another reason to have your dog castrated is that he may become very fond of your cushions or leg and castration greatly reduces the chance of this embarrassing situation occurring. 


There are no real disadvantages to having your dog castrated.  Occasionally dogs may gain weight following neutering but this is easily controlled by diet.  In some breeds of dog their coats can become duller following neutering but this a minor problem in comparison with the advantages.