Special Offers

After several outbreaks of kennel cough on an annual basis in the Leek area ( your dog is most likely to catch this on normal daily walks, rather than at kennels only ) we now offer reduced rate KENNEL COUGH vaccinations.  This is to encourage more people to get their pets vaccinated with the hope of increasing immunity in the general dog population in Leek area, so hopefully reducing the amounts of serious outbreaks seen.

WHY NOT UPGRADE your dog's vaccination: Kennel Cough Vaccination at time of Primary ( puppy ) vaccinations, Booster vaccinations and while in for neutering are now £ 16.00.

Identichips are £ 19 at the time of neutering or vaccination ( when your animal comes in for neutering it is an ideal time to consider having an Identichip placed as they will be under anaesthetic and will not feel the slightly larger needle as the chip is implanted). 

Frontline Spot on Combo offers on a 6 pack ( buy 5 , get 1 free )

Stronghold Spot on offer - reduced price for 3 pack